Success Is Only One Thought Away!

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In my over 14 years of Corporate and Business experience, I have gotten to know many successful individuals in various fields of expertise. Some of these successful people are multi-millionaires, some are respectable experts in their own field of trade. Although each of them has their own personalities, they seem to have some common traits.

One of this key common trait is they have Optimists mindset in their field of work or business. No matter how challenging the situation is, they continue to have strong positive attitude. At times it is as though that they already knew they could overcome the challenge ahead. Their mindset influence how they behave and what actions they take, and they take massive actions in the pursuing of their goal.

This observation is in-line with many motivational Gurus’ concept of:

Belief leads to Behavior; Behavior leads to Actions, Repetitive massive actions; Actions lead to Result.

The successful people tend to have positive mindset and are optimistic most of the time. They take actions like there is no such thing as failure.

Like what Brian Tracy had mentioned in one of the seminar, successful people tend to have Optimistic Orientation, a particular way of thinking about life, the world and things happening around them. Optimist has 4 orientations:

1. Future Orientation – They think about the future all the time and with positive expectation.
2. Goal Orientation – They are focus in achieving their goal and most of their actions are acting towards achieving the results.
3. Growth Orientation – They are always learning and are dire for knowledge. You will not have problem finding them in seminars, books shop or library.
4. Excellence Orientation – They are always striving towards excellence.

In conclusion, you can be in the same rank of the successful people by adopting the Optimist Mindset, orientate your mind towards the 4 Orientations and with the correct set of belief, it will drive your behavior and actions which in turn lead to the desire results.

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Success Is Only One Thought Away!

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This article was published on 2006/10/01